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Specialty Coffee in Times of Uncertainty

Specialty Coffee Shall Surge

We come from all walks of life. The hustle and bustle of full time jobs to stay-at-home moms and dads, to graveyard guardians in the medical field, or just a weekend warrior. And in this diversity, comes indifference or a sense of complacency. We get caught up in the routine of our day. 

And sometimes it takes a significant event, our in our case, a pandemic, to take a step back and come together in times of certainty.

The single truth in the chaos of this confusion is that all of us need our fix. But with closures of cafes and limited availability of your big box coffee shops, coffee lovers are looking for “life” in all the wrong places.

This is where online specialty coffee shops are coming into play. Now, more than ever, fanatics are looking for the “what else”. With the shift from your typical go-to shops to making coffee at home at a significant cost savings, people are starting to realize that there is more out there (availability and quality). 

So with all the craziness going on right now, take a step back, take a breath, and accept that we are all brought together by this truth: Coffee is Life!

This unifying trait as a human race inherent in us, is fascinating. There’s something about coffee that brings us together.

Look, we know change can be awkward. We modify, we adapt and we move forward.

With us urged to “stay at home” we find ourselves having to adjust to our new normal. For those that are capable, Companies have transitioned to a remote workforce and households are forced to modify their day to day habits.

In this state of flux, you want to feel the sense of normalcy. It seems that the new normal is wasting time waiting in line in hopes for commodities and essentials (all the TP lovers out your hands up). But what’s helping us feel a little more at ease are the companies that could support us from a convenience and immediacy perspective.

So let’s take in this new norm, support the small business, online business, etc. and keep our economy afloat.

For now:

Stay clean, stay home, but most importantly... stay lit 🔥

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