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Cold Brew Hype: The Best Coffee Beans for the Job

You can find a cold brew coffee almost anywhere. And if you are still out of the loop, ask the nearest hipster to point you in the direction. Who knows, he/she might have an extra tumbler for you.

With all the hype merely from a benefit standpoint, ultra-low calorie (5 kcals/cup), lower acidity levels versus your standard drip coffee or latte (better on the digestion as well as your smile), that extra jolt of caffeine (more potent with less volume), and it’s significantly cheaper (about $3.50), it makes total sense that all are flocking this acquired palate beverage.

There are many cold brew options out there besides the standard pour method you’d pick up from your local coffee shop. There’s a concentrate where you add a small dose to your regular cup of coffee. You can also grab some pre-bottled ones from a grocery store, gas station, or even a gym. Or you can go with the creamy, thiccck (and yes, that’s with three C’s), stout-like style of the Nitro. With so many options out there, companies are making a killing on this trend as consumers sometime can’t peel away from convenience.

So don’t let these big box shops ravage your wallets and just make it yourself. Cold brew is so easy to make in its “set it and forget it” methodology. But what you use DOES make a difference. From the water to the coffee beans, having intent will make the finished product that much better. Quality coffee beans makes a world of the difference that you will notice.

Best Coffee Beans for Your Cold Brew

So which coffee beans are best for your cold brew hype? It’s really up to you. Our favorite is any medium to dark roast. But the true factor in making a cold brew that will make you go ooooh is the grind size. For the best results, you’d want to have a medium coarse grind. More flaky than fine. This will release the flavors in the right way. This means that it’s best to buy whole beans versus pre-ground as you will have more control on the grind levels.

How to Make Cold Brew the ADCR Way

So here’s quick and easy cold brew recipe to get you going:

  1. Grind 1 cup of our Revive beans to a medium coarse
  2. Add coffee grounds and 4 cups of filtered water (use Fiji water if you fancy) into pitcher/container
  3. Steep at room temperature for 18 hours
  4. After the 18 hours, strain coffee then transfer it to a serving bottle/jar of choice
  5. Enjoy over ice

ADCR Pro Tip: Make your cold brew life even easier by using a cold brew maker. Here’s a good one from Amazon -

As you can see, cold brew is so easy to make at home that you can ultimately save up to 80% per cup compared to your local coffee shop. If you can set aside 5 minutes to prep, you’ll be good to go.

Ready to take your cold brew game to the next level? Pick up one of our signature coffee!

Since coffee is life, why don’t you let life come to you.


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