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Easy Iced Coffee Recipe with a Twist - The Dalgona (Whipped Coffee)

Now that you have more time at home (and that goes for all of us), why not experiment a little bit more with drinks outside the norm? This post will give you an easy iced coffee recipe, but with a twist. The Dalgona Coffee, or for the simple folk, whipped coffee, is the new craze that picked up steam from Tik Tok. So what is it exactly? In its simplest form, it is a coffee beverage that packs equal punches of water, sugar, and here's the key... instant coffee. Yes, instant coffee. Trust me, you'll want to use this because of the higher caffeine content. Lastly, this base ingredient is poured over ice milk. It's so easy to make, and...

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Cold Brew Hype: The Best Coffee Beans for the Job

You can find a cold brew coffee almost anywhere. And if you are still out of the loop, ask the nearest hipster to point you in the direction. Who knows, he/she might have an extra tumbler for you. With all the hype merely from a benefit standpoint, ultra-low calorie (5 kcals/cup), lower acidity levels versus your standard drip coffee or latte (better on the digestion as well as your smile), that extra jolt of caffeine (more potent with less volume), and it’s significantly cheaper (about $3.50), it makes total sense that all are flocking this acquired palate beverage. There are many cold brew options out there besides the standard pour method you’d pick up from your local coffee shop. There’s...

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Specialty Coffee in Times of Uncertainty

Specialty Coffee Shall Surge We come from all walks of life. The hustle and bustle of full time jobs to stay-at-home moms and dads, to graveyard guardians in the medical field, or just a weekend warrior. And in this diversity, comes indifference or a sense of complacency. We get caught up in the routine of our day.  And sometimes it takes a significant event, our in our case, a pandemic, to take a step back and come together in times of certainty. The single truth in the chaos of this confusion is that all of us need our fix. But with closures of cafes and limited availability of your big box coffee shops, coffee lovers are looking for “life” in all...

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